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Welcome to the Diagnostic Champions' Challenge on CancerNetwork!

Designed to test the knowledge and medical diagnostic skills of physicians and other healthcare professionals, CancerNetwork's Diagnostic Champions' Challenge was created to educate and entertain. Can you recognize and determine the appropriate treatment for a patient's cancer quickly and correctly? Test your clinical knowledge and diagnostic skills by playing in previous rounds and see how your score matches up with other players!

It's easy to play – we've put together sets of multiple choice diagnostic dilemmas to test your acumen: we show you the problem, you diagnose it or make management decisions about the disorder – but you'll only have up to 60 seconds for each question. Each time you answer correctly, you'll win points based upon the level of difficulty. See how well you can do against your peers' scores!

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Our next live Diagnostic Champions' Challenge will take place on Psychiatric Times - play in each week for a chance to win an ounce of gold (yes, real gold)! Sign up now to be reminded when the games begin.

  • BMC Medical Imaging 2011, 11:13

    Colorectal Cancer and Lung Cancer (Closed)

    In this round we test your knowledge of the diagnosis and management of colorectal and lung cancers: diagnosis, treatment, and even drug info are the subject of the questions in this next challenging round!

  • The Ultimate Challenge (Closed)

    While the finalists have already played for gold, you can still see how you do with the most difficult questions! Here we test your treatment and diagnostic skills in a variety of different clinical and cancer-type settings.

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