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Breast Cancer

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1st docburr0545
2nd AMU43
3rd sam39
4th EdMD(9:40)37
5th Ziggy(14:06)37
6th jobu36
7th j27424635
8th indermohan sandhu(8:59)34
9th Minal Dhamankar(14:07)34
10th jjh32
1st Mombie38
2nd DD31
3rd kat(11:07)30
4th Megs(11:27)30
5th PuddinHead29
6th quiznurse(7:02)28
7th annu ji(7:55)28
8th Bakry(14:13)28
9th cp5680(15:09)28
10th sandyrn27
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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