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Prostate Cancer and Skin Cancer

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1st Ziggy41
2nd Labrat40
3rd carefuldoc39
4th Edward Supinski38
5th jobu35
6th Gregj34
7th jdog(7:36)33
8th indermohan sandhu(11:47)33
9th sam(9:21)32
10th Pamela Landon(13:58)32
1st annu ji34
2nd DCPatient(10:27)30
3rd Foxy1(13:04)30
4th David Derris(10:51)28
5th Dianne Fochtman(11:29)28
6th skinlizzy(9:09)26
7th ALC(16:16)26
8th CB(12:34)25
9th wareagle(14:41)25
10th partequine24
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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