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Hematologic Cancers

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1st Drbmt45
2nd ecli43
3rd Athena38
4th Eurosight(9:46)37
5th sam(10:34)37
6th 1naildca(11:58)33
7th Ajay Nooka(13:58)33
8th Bassem(13:59)33
9th sage32
10th indermohan sandhu31
1st apl0140
2nd Kingfisher36
3rd DD32
4th oncrn(10:57)28
5th Texan by choice(15:55)28
6th oncrn6127
7th jlgamache25
8th lablover24
9th esract(12:37)22
10th cp5680(13:28)22
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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