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Colorectal Cancer and Lung Cancer

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1st JLAEMC51
2nd sage44
3rd Astuoni43
4th robert ouwendijk41
5th Long Hsu40
6th BS(7:36)38
7th Eurosight(8:30)38
8th indermohan sandhu37
9th sam36
10th doc holiday35
1st learningeveryday34
2nd Megs(5:57)32
3rd NPTB(6:58)32
4th Kingfisher(5:05)31
5th Mombie(6:29)31
6th Barry Vance27
7th inP(7:46)26
8th Adel aref(10:24)26
9th MrColon(13:22)26
10th quiznurse24
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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